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What is the best age to introduce technology to a child?

We are living in a world full of technology and how is it influencing our lives. But we also are very much familiar with its side effects. So the main question is how to keep our young generations away from it and what's the best age of introducing all these modern gadgets to our kids? By different work present by custom essay writing service, dissertations, technology is basically an expected part of our lives. Of course, we all remember our childhood, we didn't have phones and computers were like really out of reach, but this is the time you have access to everything every time so you have to take care of when to make it available to your child. Obviously, you don't want to spoil your kids with it and also can't keep them away for so long. So how to make it work?

According to multiple researchers, essays by custom essay writing service, multiple debates, the best age to introduce technology to a child is to wait till at least he or she is two to three years old. It's actually also proven that before that, their time is actually only for experiencing the real world, play, feel the real objects and learn. And if you provide them phones and tabs to watch cartoons on it, just to keep them distracted, you are actually limiting their real-world experience. So the more you wait, the more it will be beneficial for your child. Even try to keep your screens out of their sights, so they don't even know what this is. Believe this is the best thing for your child's brain.

Then your duty doesn't end here, even after you provide them their first tabs or phone or another thing, make sure you follow this check and balance rule

Forbid extra use:  make sure your child is not spending way too much time on the internet, phone or any gaming device. Teach them to manage their time effectively. Maintain a timetable keeping their all the curricular in mind and help them follow it accordingly. You can also provide them with limited hours per day and they can take it back.

Control what they see:  try to restrict them extra unnecessary irrelevant stuff. Whatever he sees definitely going to impact on ways he thinks and behave. So make sure to have some strict eyes on it.
Involve them more in physical activities: make family picnic outing plans and make your child more engaged in physical activities like sports.

Help them entertain a hobby: talk to your child. Observe keenly what they are interested in and help them to have more fun in that thing. Hobbies like collecting stamp, reading a book or anything else can be very effective in lesson their gadgets using hours.

Less video game: Video games aren't very effective in a child life. Yes, its true it helps them focus but it also makes them anti-social, which isn't a good thing. It makes them physically inactive which leads to mental weakness and health issues. Help them have creative indoor activities.

Bonding activities with friends and siblings: make them more socialize with friends. This will increase their interest in outdoor activities. Siblings bond can never be underscored.
Using technologies is also very harmful to health as we know all these rays emitting out these phones and tabs are very injurious to health. It affects your eyesight, gives you insomnia and much more serious issues.
So basically these are some of the ways to make a child little less interested in wasting time on technologies and enhancing their other abilities. Technology is a useful servant and a dangerous master; it can help your kid in multiple ways as adding layers of knowledge or can also leave a very negative impression on their life. Choose it and use it, wisely. You can further write according to your own thoughts by multiple custom essay writing service and help to understand this subject even more.  


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